5 rare mental disorders which you should know about

September 25, 2021


Mental health…Hearing about these 2 words creates fear and confusion among the individuals. YES! That still happens in the 21st century. Moreover, many people are not that comfortable talking about mental health or even accept the fact that their mental health is not at peace.

It is of utmost importance that you visit the best Psychiatrists in Ludhiana to know about your mental health and if anything seems off, then you should consult the psychiatrist. Are you struggling to find a psychiatrist who is experienced or with whom you will feel comfortable talking? Visit our Counselling Centre in Ludhiana to get yourself enlightened about the mental health disorder.

Here, my concern is to share some rare mental disorders with you, so that you can understand the entire scenario of mental health.

Rare mental disorders

  • Stendhal Syndrome

Other Names: Hyperkulturemia or Florence syndrome

Stendhal Syndrome is the link to emotional and physical anxiety along with other things like:

  • Confusion

  • Dissociative experience

  • Panic attack

  • Hallucinations

The reason for these symptoms is art or when a person is exposed to art that is present at a particular place like a museum. The same reaction can occur due to nature.

  • Apotemnophilia

Apotemnophilia is also known by the name of body integrity identity disorder. People with this type of mental disorder feel the urge to amputate (cut off) their body parts. It is believed that the problem is linked to neurological health. The person does the damage to such an extent that surgery is needed. The problem is itself challenging and for this state, the patient needs to undergo behavioral therapy and aversion therapy.

  • Alien Hand Syndrome

Alien Hand Syndrome in patients makes them think that their hand is not theirs but it has its own life. They feel a normal sensation but not for the hand. Moreover, the patient can think that the limb is a different entity and their hands are following a different agenda.

  • Capgras Syndrome

Capgras Syndrome is like a delusion belief that someone close to them in their life is replaced by an impostor. This syndrome occurs in patients diagnosed with epilepsy, dementia, schizophrenia, and traumatic brain injury.

  • Alice in Wonderland syndrome

It is also known by the name of Todd Syndrome which comes under the category of a neurological condition. In this syndrome, a person’s body image, time, and space are affected. In this case, a person experiences sensory distortion, hallucinations, and an altered sense of velocity. This syndrome occurs due to a change in perception and it can result in many symptoms. Patients also get confused about the shape and size of the body parts. The symptoms are likely to result in trigger responses.

Make the talk for mental health normal

It is important to understand that talking about mental health is normal. No matter what, you should not neglect your mental peace at any cost. Trying to ignore the situation will make it worse with time, so you should not avoid it at any cost. Schedule your initial consultation with our psychiatrist and understand what you should do.