How important is it for pregnant women to visit a psychiatrist?

September 21, 2021


As per the latest findings – ‘More than 20% of pregnant women get capitulated in emotional or mental disorders.’ The women who had a history of psychiatric disorders are quintessentially vulnerable to this problem. This could be one of the probable reasons why – ‘Not only the visits to the gynaecologist but psychiatrists in Ludhiana are also deemed as important.’

Your Little Efforts Count!

If you notice someone in your surroundings oppressed with some of the mental illness, then kindly suggest that they visit a reputed counselling centre in Ludhiana.

Do Not Discontinue The Medications In Between

If you succumb to mental disorders during pregnancy, then make sure you are intaking the medications till delivery. Otherwise, you may suffer from relapse.

Did you know?

Not all mood episodes demand the attention of the psychiatrist. Sometimes it is just the hormonal thing that is quite common to take place during pregnancy.

  • Do Not Make It Risky

It has been observed that sometimes women are taking some psychiatric medications. But the moment she realizes her pregnancy, then she decides to stop the intake of the medications without consulting the psychiatrist. This is one of the worst things you can do to yourself and your baby as well. If you would not be healthy (physically or mentally), then you can probably pass on the same genes to your baby as well.

Change your perspective

A psychiatrist always thinks good for you. He is not your enemy that despite knowing your pregnancy, he will suggest you some baby-harming medications. Do not hide anything from him. And also ‘Trust your psychiatrist’.

What If Women Do Not Visit A Psychiatrist During Pregnancy?

Those women are sure to find ways to make themselves relaxed. And in that wake, she will not realise whether the way is right or wrong. And thus she may rely on the consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking & other intoxicating substances. And the consequences for that would be:

  • Low Birth Weight

  • Fetal Growth Retardation

  • Preterm delivery

  • Preeclampsia

  • Operative delivery


Good mental health is not only a prerequisite for a mother, but it is equally important for the baby as well. A Mother-To-be has to realize that if she does not consult the psychiatrist to get her mental issues treated, then she is causing danger to her child as well.

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The doctors at Manas hospital aim at making the people absolutely emotionally and mentally well. One thing which every patient has to do is to bother taking one step forward in their treatment journey – ‘Approaching a Psychiatrist’. Not all hospitals offer cost-effective treatment. Rather it is the Manas Hospital only that offers cost-effective and result-oriented treatment.

Please do a social cause

If you see someone around you who is suffering from some mental issues, then please make some little effort and recommend visiting the doctor. Your concern and initiative can save someone’s life. And if it is a pregnant woman, then it will be counted as double virtue.