What are the basic things which can help your child dealing with ADHD?

September 17, 2021


Considering the child and adolescent service, the best Psychiatrists in Ludhiana are of the view that homeschooling can be a great choice to deal with during this unique time. Here the concern is not about setting up the classroom in the home. Having a child with ADHD, you must have some basic understanding of how to help your child deal with this situation. At our Counselling Centre in Ludhiana, we make sure to guide the parents with what is best for their child and how to provide them with a safe environment so that they can study well.

When it comes to older children, there is a need to maintain proper boundaries until they return to school. Children with special educational needs require the same as it is more important than you can think. Let’s get started to understand better what is required to be done.

Maintaining the proper structure

Maintaining the daily structure is essential, you manage to have the meals on time. Children do not have that feeling of anxiousness when their environment is predictable.

Managing the routine

Setting the routine is not about the timetable but it is all about setting up the activities which you will love to do as a family. It can be anything from going outside, having your meals together, reading a book, or any other thing which you can think of.

Doing small things

So, you don’t have to deal with the daily stuff of the school run which can be tiresome, and then after-school activities. Instead, it can be used to the fullest to connect with our children. This way, you can be there for them and go through the entire situation in a better manner.

Try to mix up things

Children diagnosed with ADHD face problems concentrating and how they can stay still for a long time. This is where it is important that you break up the tasks into smaller ones and then try to take breaks in between so that it can be easier for them to handle all the stuff. The breaks of even 5 to 10 minutes can make a lot of difference like you should stretch your legs, go get the snack, or even a drink. This way it gives a refreshing feeling, and you can get back to the work.

Additional tips

  • Create a timetable visually and then display the same into the children’s room so that they understand better what is expected. No need to be rigid, and make sure to include fun activities.

  • You must have a comfortable and quiet space in the home so that you can do all your lessons on time. By doing so, your child will be able to understand better what they have to do.

Communication is important

Just make sure that you communicate with your child to better deal with the situation. If you are having a problem, then make sure to get in touch with the best psychiatrist to know what to do so that your child feels comfortable with the entire situation.