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Why visit a mental health care professional – A psychiatrist or a Psychologist?

September 13, 2021


According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “Whenever the individual has decided to visit the mental care professionals, then it means they have taken the great step towards their mental wellness. The doctors will salute you if they come to know about your ‘Thought- Struggle’. Since not everybody is daring enough to take this decision on their own.”

Why are you fearing?

Our bodies do get ill when they are overturned with something. The same is the case with mental health. The doctors are doctors, they aim to treat the patients. Why think something negative about the psychiatrists and the psychologists.

Mental Illness Had Nothing To Be Embarrassed About.”

What is the predominant difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

Before we come to know about the preponderant differences, we must be acquainted with the fact that the psychiatrist and a psychologist work in close coordination with each other.

  • Psychiatrist

The psychiatrist is that mental health care professional which suggests the medication also. And along with that, he or she makes use of the following as well:

  • Behavioural therapy

  • Talk therapy

If a psychiatrist deems it necessary, then he will refer the particular patient to a psychologist.

  • Psychologist

The psychologists do not have the qualifications equivalent to the psychiatrist. So they can surely aim at treating the patient with counselling and the talk therapies, but they cannot suggest them with the medications for sure.

How beneficial is talk therapy?

With talk therapy, it becomes possible for the doctors to make the patients re-evaluate their feelings, emotions and attitudes. Talk therapy can be thought of as a way, through which the doctor’s make it possible for the patients to see the disturbing situations with a new perspective.

Sometimes, it is just the talk therapy that is needed by the patients.

Why are psychologists known as experts in carrying out talk therapy?

It is because the psychologists are the trained professionals, who have gained expertise in dealing with human behavioral symptoms with the help of the following:

  • Mental Health assessment

  • Diagnosis through various techniques

  • Evaluating the change in the behaviour

When should you consider choosing the psychiatrist?

If psychotherapy is performed and you are still not feeling better with it, then there are chances that your deteriorated mental condition is the outcome of your hormonal changes or your physical condition. Such situations can only be effectively dealt with with the help of medications.

And psychiatrists are only the certified doctors who can prescribe the medications.

Whom should I consult in case of depression?

First of all, what you need is to visit your primary care doctor. On hearing your symptoms, he will decide whether you need to be treated with a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

Final Comments!

Your mental health is not only important for you but the people around you. So for their well being and happiness, you should not fear taking a step forward in making your mental health regulated by consulting a mental health care professional.