What are the important signs of suicidal thoughts

What are the important signs of suicidal thoughts and how to prevent them?

September 17, 2020



Suicide is defined as the act of killing one’s self. Still, this subject is considered taboo, and people avoid talking on this matter. People feel afraid to talk on this topic with others, and they don’t even share their feelings with their loved ones. If you are unable to get help, then seek advice from our best psychiatrist in Ludhiana.

Situations which trigger suicidal thoughts

What are the major warning signs before a suicide attempt?

If a person has suicidal thoughts, his or her behavior will change. However, there is no particular pattern of action that a person has, or there is no specific behavior. It is important to check the signs and understand the person’s behavior. By understanding the early warning signs can make it easier to seek medical help. Given below are some of the changes in behavior which are important to consider on time:

  • Increased consumption of drugs or alcohol
  • Saying things like, ‘I will kill myself’ or ‘I will hurt myself’
  • Increased reckless behavior
  • After a long period of depression and low energy, the person suddenly feels normal again.
  • Continuously talking or writing about suicidal thoughts or death.
  • Feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, purposelessness, or feeling trapped
  • Increased anger or rage (A person always wants to take revenge from others.)
  • Looking for access to pills, firearms, or other methods to commit suicide
  • Preparing a will or insurance policies
  • Do not feel like keeping important valuables, making arrangements for belongings or pets so that they can be taken care of.


No matter which warning sign you notice in your loved one or any person, these need to be addressed right away. The person can have increased trouble because of the death of a loved one, medical diagnoses, breakup, or financial or monetary issues. It might be difficult to talk to the person about the problem they are facing. Getting him or her to feel connected is important. If you are unable to do that, then get medical help on time.


What are the proactive factors against suicide?

  • Suicide risk can be prevented on time. When a person has good social support that includes family, partner, and friends, the suicide risk is lowered. It is because a person feels connected towards them and they have a feeling that they are loved by everyone. When you are around people whom you can trust will reduce the possibility of suicidal thoughts.
  • Cultural groups which give priority to community relationship and family have reduced thought of suicide. Some of the additional proactive factors are having kids at home, current pregnancy, and any happy event.
  • Also, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is important for an individual. It is a great way to cope with negative thinking that can lead to suicidal thoughts. A person needs to sleep on time and follow a proper exercise regime. By doing so, it improves their mental and physical health. Most importantly, the suicide risk factor is reduced.