What are the major reasons your sleeping pattern is getting disturbed

What are the major reasons your sleeping pattern is getting disturbed?

September 19, 2020



Do you feel tired all the time, even when you have slept? Does it feel like your night sleep is not proper? If you are having a tough time staying asleep, then chances are that there is something wrong or you are doing something wrong in your daily routine. Studies have shown that if you do not get quality sleep it makes you feel irritated or you are stressed all the time. Your mental health may be impacted. If you are facing such an issue or you know someone with such a problem, then make sure to consult the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana.

Major reasons you’re not sleeping well

  • Doing hard-core nighttime exercise

If you take your dog for a stroll at night then it is perfectly fine. But if you do heart-pumping cardio workout within 3 hours before bedtime then you are putting too much pressure on your body. When you fall asleep, body temperature and heart rate drop.

With a hard-core exercise regime, it is going to raise the level and your entire nervous system is stimulated. This means you find it difficult to fall asleep. So, make sure you do your workout in the morning or during lunch hour.

  • Consuming alcohol at night

You might like to have a drink at night with your partner. But, if you indulge in this habit daily and that too before bedtime, your sleep pattern will be affected.

At the start, the alcohol might make you relaxed but gradually your sleeping pattern is affected. This means the sleep is fragmented and your body will not be at ease throughout the day. Also, you will feel the urge to use the bathroom at night. So, limit the consumption of alcohol and avoid it in the evening.

  • Room temperature is not proper

Sleep experts suggest keeping the room temperature at 65 to 72 degrees at night. If you have heated your bedroom in excess then it makes it difficult to get sleep on time. At night your body must cool down which makes you get refreshing sleep. However, it should not be too cold.

  • Extreme stress level

One of the common non-medical reasons for not having quality sleep is stress. This can affect the daily routine and you are not able to concentrate on everything properly. Moreover, the person focuses on things which are negative and they don’t want to consider the positive things in their life.

  • Drinking caffeine in excess

You might be a coffee lover but keep in mind if you drink it in the evening it is going to affect your sleeping pattern. If you drink just before bedtime then it is difficult for you to snooze. You should consume only 2 cups every day, but avoid drinking them late at night.